“It all started with a picture” C.S. Lewis

Creation starts with the imagination. I suggest that you start with a picture. What would success this week look like?

start here
your idea of success
man looking at bulletin board
blank canvas and paints
What does your idea of success look like?

That picture, or vision, of success is the starting point of better things. The problem is that before you finish reading this page your attention is likely to be grabbed by something else.

I only know this because it has happened to me so many times.

I suggest before anything else, you sign up for the short course on goal setting and focus. You’ll get the first lesson immediately and it will only take three minutes to read and maybe five minutes to complete the assignment. Really.

And then you’ll get another lesson the next day that’s the same length and gives you some more ideas and a little accountability. It will continue for five days and then you’ll have a better picture of your own goals and how to accomplish them.

You will also get some ideas about what else you might need like setting up a 90 day plan, leading a team in the objectives and key results (okr) process, understanding your own motivation and other people’s driving forces better, as well as ongoing leadership growth insights and action items.

If you are ready to get right into skill-building, work on learning the language of emotion. The keys to motivation, self-awareness, empathy, social skills–in short, emotional intelligence–are found in taking the first step to gain some emotional literacy.

I hope you’ll make us a part of your own leadership growth journey. I’m glad you’re here!