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Self Awareness is a critical part of emotional intelligence and leadership.
Get up to speed on what it is and how to start improving it.

Learn the Language of Emotion course trailer

Emotional intelligence is the master skill, but how do you start on the path?
Emotional literacy is the first step and it’s a key leadership skill.

No workplace today seems immune from stress, even if you work from home.
How do you manage it better?

An introduction to emotional intelligence in the workplace for leaders

A best practice for managing emotions in the workplace

How to get motivation working for you so you can achieve your goals

Coaching Tips on Setting Goals

Writing goals down isn’t old school, it’s just the shortest path to success

People ask me, “How did you learn to make videos?” The truth is, I didnt take a course. I learned by doing.

I’m an introvert by nature and a perfectionist by habit.  But I want to share what I’ve learned, and I realized that I’ll never get it perfect.  I have to start with “good enough” and pledge to keep improving and make it better each day.

I hope you get some benefit from the videos.  If they are funny it’s most likely unintentional, but I’m very willing to laugh with you.  I hI know they can be better.  I’ll keep working on it. 

In the meantime, try to put into practice the things you’ve learned and already know.  You’ll be a better person for it.   In fact, I know from experience the best way to learn something is to put it into practice and then try to teach it to someone else.