Some people want to know a little more about me than the headlines.

a little back story…

Born in Venezuela and raised in New Mexico, I never imagined having the business I have today.  My dad had a medium-sized business working on heavy equipment.  I thought I might be a pilot or a lawyer when I grew up.

My heart told me to serve the church and learn in a totally different environment

So after college I headed overseas to Southeast Asia where I taught and served and learned a lot about the world.  I met my wife in Singapore, we got married and moved back to the US.  I loved learning and thought I would become a university professor.  In fact, I was headed to Edinburgh to do just that when my life took a turn. 

People ask me how I got my start,
so here’s a little bit more of how I got into business.

It was 1997 and for some reason that God only knows I jumped into the business world in a college town in Texas.  My wife and I hustled and tried all sorts of things, some were epic failures and some modestly successful.  We eventually moved to Dallas where I sold corporate training and coaching and had a decent run for several years.

I learned a lot about big business in the early 2000’s and I got the itch to launch out on my own.   That was the idea behind Leadskill.   There were a lot more twists and turns (Shanghai, Houston), but I’ll tell you about those another time…

I fell in love with learning alongside leaders and making an impact in the business world.  Learning and then sharing useful knowledge is what lights me up.  The challenge, the creativity and frankly, the struggle of building something out of nothing keeps me going.

This is me – a learner, teacher, leader and a creator – who coaches others kind of like me to make their mark on the world.

So what’s your dream, and why does it matter to you?  I would like to hear more about it…